Feb. 21st, 2009


Feb. 21st, 2009 04:53 am
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I decided to work on my CafePress shop. Marked items waaay down so that often times I only get like $1.01 off of a purchase from it, but that's to increase likelihood of the stuff being sold.

Included right now are iHo and iZoi. :3 One for each side of the spectrum, eh?! xD

At least go and take a look so you can laugh at the designs :3 Also, feel free to suggest items!

Coming soon: Epic iFlail (+2) for those extreme geeks out there!

Come Larthan's store on CafePress!
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Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

1.Your kitties - I do admit, I talk about them too much. But that's mostly because they're really the only thing in my life I can talk about freely right now. I'm not interesting. I'm not fun. I'm just plain ol' me.

2.Paypal problems - Hahaha. Paypal is evil. After having them issue chargebacks that were from a closed account, and then charging me double, it took two weeks to get -half- that money back. The other half I'll never see again. Thanks, Paypal. I hope you go out of business. :3

3.borzoi - Mm, I loves me some sighthounds. I just wish I could have one. Though my favorite breed is the Doberman Pinscher, I'd kill for a Borzoi. I've always adored their delicate, classic frame and amazing colors and personalities, as well as the fact they're giants. It's like owning a living piece of art. Alas, landowners say we can't have dogs. So I'm shit out of luck, there. 8(

4.Elliot's festival - Ah, the best time (or times! >8D) of the year. Elliott's festivals. Music, games, food and art, everything a furry, or anyone else for that matter, could ask for in a party. Two days long, this event brings people together and gives people a good time for free. Well, as far as the actual event goes. Even on the ones where you have to pay $10 to get in, you get a $10 art coupon, so you basically are made to participate in the event :3

5.Squid o3o - Hehe. I blame Delf on this one. Fellow mod from Mweor, she's a rather silly critter by nature, and perhaps a little more suspicious of colossal squid than she should be. But who else but me could turn a gigantic cephalopod with hooked tentacles and razor sharp beak into a squishy, cuddly creature of d00m? >83


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