Jul. 19th, 2009

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Went to Barber Motorsports Park this weekend (due to my car breaking down, I was able to hang with the housemate who was going). Each day I forgot a little bit of sunblock somewhere (Saturday, I didn't put any on, but I had on a longsleeved shirt and a hat, so the back of my hands, my nose/jaw/neck got burned, but not my arms that day). So I'm all red and look like I have on a shirt when I don't. c_c

I had a lot of fun. Wore the wrong shoes Friday, so I had problems walking down into the paddock and back up, and to a friend of the housemate's campsite above the paddock. Still, had a good time, got to share good food with them, and got to take lots of pictures for the housemate.
Saturday, I wore the correct shoes, but due to the previous day's problems, my feet had blisters and a raw toe on my right foot. Still, despite this, we went down to the paddock again, and up to the friends' camp to have food. After that, we took the tram back to the car corral where the car club was sitting, and went on a driving tour around the area, with a stop for food in the middle (chicken with bacon on top, held together with provolone cheese, a baked potato, a roll, a corn cob and some overcooked spicy green beans and broccoli. I didn't eat the greens c_c). It was nice. Also, got to do a private tour of the museum, going into the back storage room, where hundreds of motorcycles are stacked against walls, three tiers high, in a giant room, and many other cycles covering the floors save for a single walkspace.
Sunday, we got to watch the big races, and take some parade laps around the track after lunch break. It was really fun, and I even took video of the ride. Again, went to visit the friend's campsite, and helped pack up before we all left for home.

Barber, I have to say, is the nicest track I've ever been to. The landscaping is immaculate, there are tons of statues and metal sculptures everywhere (including, but not limited to, giant ants carrying away a motorcyclist, motorcycle, and bottle of coca cola, a giant spider inside the turns deemed "Charlotte's Web", some giant almost nakey guys on wheels, wearing only masks and capes, sculpted flowers, lions, a man pushing a giant rock, and more). The museum is awesome, with not only tons of motorcycles, but also tons of cars, including some cars that are so rare, chances are that theirs is the only one still left. They try and restore everything to a running condition, and even take a lot of the stuff out on the track once in a while, just to keep the engine going.

Seriously, if you guys ever have the chance to go, do. Even if you're not into cars/motorcycles, it's a great place, and family oriented (some guy with a swear on his shirt got pulled aside in the museum and asked to turn it inside out, by the security there. They're pretty lax, but things like blatant obscenity on clothing is not appreciated).

Again. If you ever get the chance, go. Go, go, go.


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