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Yes, another one. Don't beat me. xD

I want to sculpt.

Now, this started with those gum erasers... you know, the kind you knead. Yeah. Well, I used to love molding those into things, I'd even go so far sometimes as to put details like fur into the thing.
Well, a couple years ago, I was given another chance to play with sculpey. So I played around, and I really did enjoy it, but got nowhere when it came to critters.
Fast forward to just last year. I sat beside a sculptor and sculpted myself a nice cat head. I really enjoyed it. Now, cats aren't my "thing" really, but I'm just intrigued. I want to try again. But I want it to be -mine-.

A list of things I would need, however, is a bit pricey.

Base Wire
Aluminum/tin foil
Soldering Iron
Picks (can be substituted with toothpicks xD)
Shaping tools
Oven Tray
TALENT (OMG Does Wal-Mart carry this? D8)

Haha. Well, I can get Sculpey for $10 a pound Bit pricey for larger work, but with the aluminum under it to save use on the sculpey, it shouldn't be too bad... Base wire is pretty cheap at the local craft store. Aluminum/tin foil I can get cheap at a grocery store. We have a soldering iron at the house (but I'd need permission to use it :P). I could manage to sacrifice an old tray for an oven tray. Paint/gloss/brushes again are cheap at the local store. That leaves the knives, picks and other shaping tools. Looks like that'll set me back about $20-$30.

Is it worth all that?

I mean, I have a few projects in mind. I want to start off with something simple. Like a corgi. That way I don't have to worry about the tail or thin ears or long legs. But after that I want to move on to something like a doberman, and then a Borzoi, and a cat... and eventually... a Komondor. c_c I know, I've lost it entirely. But I've got plans for it, though, don't worry. This isn't a "BWAHA LETS JUMP IN!" kinda thing. I'm gonna look at tutorials and talk to other sculpey artists and see what it's all about, 'dig?

I've always wanted to do 3D work, but I've always thought I was stuck with drawing... and only recently realized there's a way to do it without starting out with a big block of rock. x3
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