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Yesterday: I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock as my housemate got ready for work and left. Bless him for putting up with me. After about thirty minutes of dozing with a cat on my bladder, my phone rang. I put the cat on the warm spot I was leaving and grabbed it. My grandmother's phone had accidentally called me, again. It's too sensitive, and calls people randomly.

Went up to the area over the hill, applied to some small clothing stores that I can hardly remember the names of, along with a couple of large ones such as Ross and Marshall's, re-applied to Target, as they only keep applications sent in for 60 days. Had to apply in paper for ColdStone, because the guy who told me to go to the website didn't know that the online applications were screwy. Tried to apply to PetSmart in person, but they don't have, and apparently aren't allowed to, carry paper applications. Thing is, their applications don't work on anything except for Macs and Windows. O_o So yeah. Applied to Barnes and Noble again. Applied online yesterday to the new Dick's Sporting Goods store that's opening up there. I'm hoping at least -one- thing gets me at least a response. Even if it's not an interview, I'd prefer knowing people are actually going through the applications, and not just throwing them out. -_-

After getting home, I realized I needed to mail off some commissions. One small sketch, colored, one badge, and one sketchbook. Got them gathered up and went to the post office. I knew I'd need packaging for the badge (as it was oversized) and the sketchbook, because, well, it's a sketchbook. But the small sketch could have been stuffed in a normal envelope and mailed. I couldn't find any envelopes at the house, so I mean, obviously the post office must have paper envelopes? Surely?
They only have their ready-made envelope things that are oversized. So here's hoping the smallest one can fit in a PO box.
Total was like $8. Not too bad really.

After getting back home again, I had just enough time to get a nap before getting up to take out trash and eat a piece of chicken I didn't eat two nights ago before the housemate got home.

Went out to hang out with some friends, one of them had a birthday. Watched Twilight. Not really something I'm into. Looks like a bunch of really bad teenage angst wanna-be-bad-ass stuff. But, I did have fun giggling at the entire thing in it's silliness, so not all was lost. The amount of sparkliness makes me want to hoard the fella though, and keep him under constant sunlight. But that's the dragon in me.

Oh, and this past weekend... I got Rick Rolled... by a show on NPR. c_c Yeah. Not cool, guys... not cool...

Internet's still being stupid. As I'm typing this, I'm not connected at all. I'll post when it is connected though. In case anyone wonders about the 'blah' mood, I have a terrible headache thanks to a wolfie who wouldn't stop playing stupidsuperhighpitchedultraannoying noises from a friend's iPhone. I want to gnaw on something to take away the pain. x_x

I've learned to make decent brushes in GIMP... all except for the part about making them freaking take whatever color I choose. c_c If anyone can give me some help there, it'd be much appreciated. For now, I'm using the 'use color from gradient' option. It's fun, but... yeah. c_c

Today: Today felt really horrid. Woke up with a throbbing headache, right behind my eyes. Got up and took some Vitamin C, ate a few celery sticks, and curled up on the couch. Abdominal pains suck. Seriously. I could hardly move for an hour, not even worth it to turn on the TV. Just laid there in pain. Blah.

Went out to grab some canned cat food, came home and forgot the food in the car. It's still out there. I'll get it soon. My hips even hurt. Damn.

Went back out earlier to get some emergency feminine products. It was nice and sunny when I went in to the store. Not five minutes and I come back out the doors and it's pouring down rain. I get to my car, fumble with the key to unlock the door and get in. I get in the car, and start to pull out... and the rain stops... Someone out there hates me. Seriously.

Aired up a flat tire on one of the cars in the driveway. Brought in a box and a package that apparently came while I was at the store, and now I'm sitting here, wanting to just curl back up again and cry because it hurts so much. I think I'm going to take an ibuprofen and lie down soon. Storms are coming, there's been a tornado spotted in Tennessee... well, I guess it's all for the best, ne? Plants need the rain to stay alive, and we need the plants alive to hold the soil together so our housing doesn't collapse literally like it already is financially, right? Mm. Yes. Nap for the hurtydragon.
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