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Or, like, 20 of them.

Seriously. xD That is WIN.
Might keep the people from letting their dogs crap all in our yard without picking it up. >8(
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That I love Artsy, a player from a sim game I'm on, to death.

Isn't that just the most awesomely adorkable pic of Skitturz you've ever seen?
That is, if you've ever seen a pic of Skitturz...
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I know the cat eats my stuff. My phone chargers, my headphones, etc.

So, I hid my iPod headphones. In a drawer in the kitchen.

What the fuck did I walk into the kitchen to see just a moment ago, but the cat IN THE DRAWER WHICH IS FUCKING OPEN AND EATING MY GOD DAMN HEADPHONES.

What the HELL?!

She learned to open the drawer.. so she can eat my fucking headphones?!


I've put the cat in the bathroom so I can calm down.

I am so pissed.
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Went to Barber Motorsports Park this weekend (due to my car breaking down, I was able to hang with the housemate who was going). Each day I forgot a little bit of sunblock somewhere (Saturday, I didn't put any on, but I had on a longsleeved shirt and a hat, so the back of my hands, my nose/jaw/neck got burned, but not my arms that day). So I'm all red and look like I have on a shirt when I don't. c_c

I had a lot of fun. Wore the wrong shoes Friday, so I had problems walking down into the paddock and back up, and to a friend of the housemate's campsite above the paddock. Still, had a good time, got to share good food with them, and got to take lots of pictures for the housemate.
Saturday, I wore the correct shoes, but due to the previous day's problems, my feet had blisters and a raw toe on my right foot. Still, despite this, we went down to the paddock again, and up to the friends' camp to have food. After that, we took the tram back to the car corral where the car club was sitting, and went on a driving tour around the area, with a stop for food in the middle (chicken with bacon on top, held together with provolone cheese, a baked potato, a roll, a corn cob and some overcooked spicy green beans and broccoli. I didn't eat the greens c_c). It was nice. Also, got to do a private tour of the museum, going into the back storage room, where hundreds of motorcycles are stacked against walls, three tiers high, in a giant room, and many other cycles covering the floors save for a single walkspace.
Sunday, we got to watch the big races, and take some parade laps around the track after lunch break. It was really fun, and I even took video of the ride. Again, went to visit the friend's campsite, and helped pack up before we all left for home.

Barber, I have to say, is the nicest track I've ever been to. The landscaping is immaculate, there are tons of statues and metal sculptures everywhere (including, but not limited to, giant ants carrying away a motorcyclist, motorcycle, and bottle of coca cola, a giant spider inside the turns deemed "Charlotte's Web", some giant almost nakey guys on wheels, wearing only masks and capes, sculpted flowers, lions, a man pushing a giant rock, and more). The museum is awesome, with not only tons of motorcycles, but also tons of cars, including some cars that are so rare, chances are that theirs is the only one still left. They try and restore everything to a running condition, and even take a lot of the stuff out on the track once in a while, just to keep the engine going.

Seriously, if you guys ever have the chance to go, do. Even if you're not into cars/motorcycles, it's a great place, and family oriented (some guy with a swear on his shirt got pulled aside in the museum and asked to turn it inside out, by the security there. They're pretty lax, but things like blatant obscenity on clothing is not appreciated).

Again. If you ever get the chance, go. Go, go, go.


Jun. 6th, 2009 02:27 am
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He's home safe. Now I can relax. And sleep. And eat. And not worry anymore.

Still miss him.

But at least he's safe.
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Watching someone leave should be seen like an oil painting.

If you look at it as a blur, all you can see is the beauty of it, and none of the imperfections.

The same thing can be said for looking at the world. If you look at it as an oil painting, you can't see all the little problems that come about, but you can see how beautiful it all really is without all those worries.

8( FAIL.

May. 15th, 2009 11:23 am
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Your results:
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An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
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Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Test

~_~ Evil.

May. 7th, 2009 01:45 am
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You know who you are.
You know what you did.

That test, it is evil, and you had me curious about what it was you took, so I agreed to take it, too...

And I failed, epically. I'm sure you knew that would happen, since I knew zip about what it was talking about. o.o
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So. I play this silly little game, right? Wellll, they have forums. So there was something bothering me about the news tonight and I posted about it, to see what everyone else thought.

You see, there was this news report on the Swine Flu (zhomg pandemic *eyeroll*). They focused on one of the many small cities that are the largest problem areas. The people that -lived- there pointed out that they only had water for nine hours out of the day. They had no sanitation. The doctors were refusing to come there to help them.

Now, fast forward, about sixty seconds. They're now saying they have no idea whatsoever why it's so much worse in Mexico than in America. O_o Um. Access to water to keep ourselves hydrated, for one. Keeping ourselves clean is a nice one, too. Oh, and let's not forget medical attention doesn't stop just because "zhomg Swine Flu Pandemic!"

It's like they can't put 2 and 2 together.

I mean, I realize that Mexico has free medical care. But that also means that clinics are often overbooked and understaffed to begin with.

But along comes popular player X and they decide to chew my ass out for "flinging ignorance about latin america from all sides" O_o

Dude. I only spoke how I felt about what the reporters were ACTUALLY SHOWING ON THEIR SHOW.


Or are we not allowed to state facts about what we saw on TV, and our opinion of them anymore?

On a better note, I found a room for AnthroCon. :3


Apr. 22nd, 2009 06:55 pm
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A day before FCN, we finally find a room. After a few nasty replies to my just asking if there is still available room (one even telling me that since I should have asked ages ago, they've canceled the room, and tough luck. x_x), I managed to get a hold of a single fur that has a room reserved for Thursday to Monday. We'll have to sleep on the air mattress Friday and probably Saturday, but it's a room nonetheless.

Now I can relax and not be so "OMG WHAT DO I DO THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN ENNNDDD! DDD888"

c_c Good day to you!
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Okay. So we're going to FCN, and need a room from Thursday-Monday(?). If anyone's got room (or floor) space they'd be willing to rent out to a couple of Dragons, please let me know!
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"Thank you for applying for positions at the new Dick’s Sporting Goods store in (CITY, STATE). We have filled all of our open positions at this time, but we’ll keep your information in our database for the next year. Someone from our team may contact you if a position that matches your skill set becomes available.

Thanks again for your interest with Dick’s Sporting Goods, and best wishes in your job search.

Win BIG Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Smarter.


Well. At least SOMEONE got back to me, even if it is just an automated service... it makes me feel less like I'm simply being thrown out of the bunch. Even though I most likely was, it doesn't feel like it.
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Yesterday: I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock as my housemate got ready for work and left. Bless him for putting up with me. After about thirty minutes of dozing with a cat on my bladder, my phone rang. I put the cat on the warm spot I was leaving and grabbed it. My grandmother's phone had accidentally called me, again. It's too sensitive, and calls people randomly.

Went up to the area over the hill, applied to some small clothing stores that I can hardly remember the names of, along with a couple of large ones such as Ross and Marshall's, re-applied to Target, as they only keep applications sent in for 60 days. Had to apply in paper for ColdStone, because the guy who told me to go to the website didn't know that the online applications were screwy. Tried to apply to PetSmart in person, but they don't have, and apparently aren't allowed to, carry paper applications. Thing is, their applications don't work on anything except for Macs and Windows. O_o So yeah. Applied to Barnes and Noble again. Applied online yesterday to the new Dick's Sporting Goods store that's opening up there. I'm hoping at least -one- thing gets me at least a response. Even if it's not an interview, I'd prefer knowing people are actually going through the applications, and not just throwing them out. -_-

After getting home, I realized I needed to mail off some commissions. One small sketch, colored, one badge, and one sketchbook. Got them gathered up and went to the post office. I knew I'd need packaging for the badge (as it was oversized) and the sketchbook, because, well, it's a sketchbook. But the small sketch could have been stuffed in a normal envelope and mailed. I couldn't find any envelopes at the house, so I mean, obviously the post office must have paper envelopes? Surely?
They only have their ready-made envelope things that are oversized. So here's hoping the smallest one can fit in a PO box.
Total was like $8. Not too bad really.

After getting back home again, I had just enough time to get a nap before getting up to take out trash and eat a piece of chicken I didn't eat two nights ago before the housemate got home.

Went out to hang out with some friends, one of them had a birthday. Watched Twilight. Not really something I'm into. Looks like a bunch of really bad teenage angst wanna-be-bad-ass stuff. But, I did have fun giggling at the entire thing in it's silliness, so not all was lost. The amount of sparkliness makes me want to hoard the fella though, and keep him under constant sunlight. But that's the dragon in me.

Oh, and this past weekend... I got Rick Rolled... by a show on NPR. c_c Yeah. Not cool, guys... not cool...

Internet's still being stupid. As I'm typing this, I'm not connected at all. I'll post when it is connected though. In case anyone wonders about the 'blah' mood, I have a terrible headache thanks to a wolfie who wouldn't stop playing stupidsuperhighpitchedultraannoying noises from a friend's iPhone. I want to gnaw on something to take away the pain. x_x

I've learned to make decent brushes in GIMP... all except for the part about making them freaking take whatever color I choose. c_c If anyone can give me some help there, it'd be much appreciated. For now, I'm using the 'use color from gradient' option. It's fun, but... yeah. c_c

Today: Today felt really horrid. Woke up with a throbbing headache, right behind my eyes. Got up and took some Vitamin C, ate a few celery sticks, and curled up on the couch. Abdominal pains suck. Seriously. I could hardly move for an hour, not even worth it to turn on the TV. Just laid there in pain. Blah.

Went out to grab some canned cat food, came home and forgot the food in the car. It's still out there. I'll get it soon. My hips even hurt. Damn.

Went back out earlier to get some emergency feminine products. It was nice and sunny when I went in to the store. Not five minutes and I come back out the doors and it's pouring down rain. I get to my car, fumble with the key to unlock the door and get in. I get in the car, and start to pull out... and the rain stops... Someone out there hates me. Seriously.

Aired up a flat tire on one of the cars in the driveway. Brought in a box and a package that apparently came while I was at the store, and now I'm sitting here, wanting to just curl back up again and cry because it hurts so much. I think I'm going to take an ibuprofen and lie down soon. Storms are coming, there's been a tornado spotted in Tennessee... well, I guess it's all for the best, ne? Plants need the rain to stay alive, and we need the plants alive to hold the soil together so our housing doesn't collapse literally like it already is financially, right? Mm. Yes. Nap for the hurtydragon.
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So. Apparently either or are screwing up my DNS Cache AND messing up my internet. I don't know which one. I'd like to know, but if I try and find out and it stops the internet from working again, I will get no help making it work. I've been warned. So I can't play my favorite two games because the fucking internet has to be an ass to me. I have responsibilities on both of these games that I accepted, believing my internet access would be reliable. And now one of them has screwed it up.

I rate images on Furry-Paws. Something I love to do, and makes the site a better place by reducing the time it takes for images to get through the waiting list from the 3 months it used to be to about 3 days now.

I'm a moderator on Mweor. I love the game. It's half owned by the same person as FP.

I have upgraded accounts on both that I've paid for. Therefore I don't have the advertisements on Furry-Paws that normal accounts do. Mweor has no advertisements.

What the hell is going on? I want to play my games. They're fun and addictive. And I hate being away from them.

If anyone, anyone at all, can help figure out what's going on, please.. please do.

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Your result for The New Greek Goddess Archetype Test...

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Take The New Greek Goddess Archetype Test
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Yes, another one. Don't beat me. xD

I want to sculpt.

Now, this started with those gum erasers... you know, the kind you knead. Yeah. Well, I used to love molding those into things, I'd even go so far sometimes as to put details like fur into the thing.
Well, a couple years ago, I was given another chance to play with sculpey. So I played around, and I really did enjoy it, but got nowhere when it came to critters.
Fast forward to just last year. I sat beside a sculptor and sculpted myself a nice cat head. I really enjoyed it. Now, cats aren't my "thing" really, but I'm just intrigued. I want to try again. But I want it to be -mine-.

A list of things I would need, however, is a bit pricey.

Base Wire
Aluminum/tin foil
Soldering Iron
Picks (can be substituted with toothpicks xD)
Shaping tools
Oven Tray
TALENT (OMG Does Wal-Mart carry this? D8)

Haha. Well, I can get Sculpey for $10 a pound Bit pricey for larger work, but with the aluminum under it to save use on the sculpey, it shouldn't be too bad... Base wire is pretty cheap at the local craft store. Aluminum/tin foil I can get cheap at a grocery store. We have a soldering iron at the house (but I'd need permission to use it :P). I could manage to sacrifice an old tray for an oven tray. Paint/gloss/brushes again are cheap at the local store. That leaves the knives, picks and other shaping tools. Looks like that'll set me back about $20-$30.

Is it worth all that?

I mean, I have a few projects in mind. I want to start off with something simple. Like a corgi. That way I don't have to worry about the tail or thin ears or long legs. But after that I want to move on to something like a doberman, and then a Borzoi, and a cat... and eventually... a Komondor. c_c I know, I've lost it entirely. But I've got plans for it, though, don't worry. This isn't a "BWAHA LETS JUMP IN!" kinda thing. I'm gonna look at tutorials and talk to other sculpey artists and see what it's all about, 'dig?

I've always wanted to do 3D work, but I've always thought I was stuck with drawing... and only recently realized there's a way to do it without starting out with a big block of rock. x3


Mar. 7th, 2009 12:32 am
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Nothing. o.o
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Yeah. I just found out last night. Thankfully we have someone to watch our girls (and the extra girl :P) while we're away.

Yay for a six hour drive all by myself. o.o I hope $100 will cover the gas there and back. It should be fun, in any case :)
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I've been sitting here, listening to my iPod and chairdancing. And I don't mean tapping my foot.

I'm bouncing in my seat, doing the full headswing back and forth, occasionally playing the invisible maracas or waving my arms wildly in the air, while either having my mouth wide open or very obviously mouthing the words to the song. o.o

I've officially lost it. :3

*dances* Do you think you're better off alooone? *chair is wheeled off to the funny farm*
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I wanna wish a happy birthday to our friend, Spike. So sorry to see you leaving us so soon, too. Sorry things didn't work out here.Best wishes to you out there in Texas, when you've left for good. I guess that gives us an excuse to head out that way sometime!
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